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You have come to the right place if …

… you accentuate your world with little splashes of color.

… you decorate your life with unique, original designs.

… you like spicing up your space frequently with modern accessories.

… you are looking for a large variety of designs to excite you.

I create all the lovely things here that bring
you moments of joy.

I am Simona Cellar, founder and designer of anomis. I create uplifting vibrant surface patterns for a variety of products to brighten your day.

I’m a Swiss Graphic Designer with a passion for surface patterns. With a degree in Visual Communication Design, over 10 years experience in design and continuing education in Surface Pattern Design I strive to create pieces with interesting ideas and unique designs.

When I create, I care about joyful color combinations and try to  evoke instant happiness. I also like playing with the element of surprise: a unique motif up-close turns into something completely new and interesting once you move further away from it. In some of my pieces I incorporate motivational themes, other pieces ask the viewer to interact.

How it all started

It all started in 2012, when I had coffee at a Café in Zurich. We were sitting on this sofa with cushions that had five very different patterns. The color combination caught my eye in an instant, I just felt surrounded by happiness sitting on this colorful sofa. I was also puzzled, I didn’t understand why such different patterns worked so well together.

I couldn’t get the sofa out of my head, eventually it led me to dive into the world of surface pattern design. Although I’ve been working as a professional graphic designer for years, I had no clue about surface patterns. So I read anything and everything about surface patterns, until I got the basics. The result of this exploration into surface pattern design was my very first (or four) surface pattern collection(s).


• Surface Pattern Design
• Artwork for licensing
• Creative Services

Your turn, go find your unique “cherry on top”.

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